Equipment procurement

Procurement of Equipment and chemicals

Wastewater treatment

a. Alumn (Crystal, powder and solution)

b. Polyelectrolite

c. Caustic

d. Bag filters for sludge handling.

e. Filter press

f. Centrifuge

g. Chlorine

h. Carrier Material

i. UV system

Water Treatment

a. Pressure vessels

b. Sand Media for filters

c. Carbon media

d. RO, UF and NF membranes

e. membrane housing ( Fibre and SS)

f. Antiscalent.

g. Micron catridge filters ( 5 and 10 micron)

h. Multiport valve

i. Citric acid (CIP system)

Pumps and blowers

a. Dosing pump ( ss and metered)

b. High pressure pump( SS)

c. Nonclog type wastewater transfer pump.

d. Submersible pump with cutter.

e. Monoblock type centrifugal pump

f. Screw pump for slury and sludge.

g. Induction motor

h. Twin and tri lube rotary air blower

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